Our website and our hoodies will now bear the slogan: “Play with the code” instead of the 2023 slogan:

“We all have a second chance.

These messages or mantras are linked, and form part of the path, the iteration that connects to the very essence of the brand.

This evolution of the slogan reflects our ongoing commitment to creative and innovative energy, without fear of past or future failures.

Become aware of our strengths and weaknesses so that we can play a better version of ourselves at all times: assertive, aligned and authentic.

Let’s dress up our dreams and our emotions, let’s dress up our reason and our efficiency.

At 2 BE ONE, we believe in the harmonious fusion between man and technology, between technology and nature, and again between nature and man in time, the famous loop of life.

It’s the cohabitation of noise and silence.

2 BE ONE products are part of a universal code, a creative energy. A new streetwear spirit is born, open to the multiple combinations that their refined style makes possible.

Our hoodie is a powerful garment that symbolizes more than ever the fusion between the mechanical rationality of the body and the emotional freedom of the mind.

Play with the code!

Best regards,

Team 2 BE ONE.

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