Dear 2 BE ONE fans and novelty enthusiasts,

As the end-of-year festivities approach, we’re delighted to unveil a preview of our brand and logo, which we hope will leave a lasting impression on your mind as we take you to a new destination for high-end, eco-designed, signature streetwear.

Boldly fusing French creativity with green design choices, our e-commerce site stands out as the benchmark for innovative, fun style and a marker of a company with a new-generation mission.

The ultimate aim of 2 BE ONE is to contribute to the efforts made every day by numerous organizations to defend children’s rights and preserve water and forests.

The world can only be improved with a healthy dose of joy

To celebrate the holidays with panache, discover our POP collection, a sparkling range of colors that combine bold style and environmental awareness.

Impeccable cuts, a detail that’s not a detail: our famous “ZIP FUSION”, and quality materials await you to brighten up your special moments while honoring our commitment to fun, green fashion.

Made in France, worn with pride

At 2 BE ONE, we take pride in the provenance of our products. Each garment is eco-designed and made in France, supporting local industry and reducing our carbon footprint.

Opt for innovative luxury by wearing our creations that embody the very essence of French savoir-faire.

Your VIP access: exclusive pre-launch

As supporters of 2 BE ONE, you are invited to preview and test our e-commerce site in beta version before a more official launch in 2024.

Take advantage of VIP access to pre-order your favorite pieces from the first collection, sure to become a collector’s item with the “2023” label, and enjoy exclusive benefits reserved for our valued community.

This community is likely to experience a few adjustments linked to the launch of a young French company, but don’t worry: there are solutions for everything, and our commitment to service and loyalty is unwavering, rooted in our DNA.

We’re eternally grateful to the early adopters of our brand and concept. Thanks to their unique code, their rewards will be valid for life on all 2 BE ONE products.

Stay connected in 2024. We look forward to sharing this innovative fashion, technology and eco-responsible adventure with you. Thank you for being one of our followers! Like and republish on  networks

Happy holidays and let’s become one in the search for harmony.

Team 2 BE ONE.

Find out more: For those wondering about a French brand with an English name: With 2 BE ONE, we wanted to create a bridge between the US and France, because the beginning of streetwear fashion took place in the USA in the 80s. We thought it only right to wink at them. What’s more, we intend to communicate our values internationally.

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