Welcome to 2 BE ONE, the brand dedicated to people who forge their destiny with boldness and vision. Our clothes embody the spirit of entrepreneurs, pioneers, impact-makers and people who challenge themselves every day.

Discover our iconic casual wear staple: the hoodie with zipped hoods and a choice of colors. One of a kind, it embodies the fusion of functionality, mobility and style. Designed to allow you to act or relax while expressing your strong personality through unique details.


hoodie blanc et montagne enneigée

Because the future of fashion is sustainable, we work tirelessly to reduce our environmental footprint.

Manufactured and eco-designed in France according to rigorous standards and techniques, our products are the obvious choice for those seeking exclusivity and authenticity. Our materials are pleasant and bio-based, free from harmful chemicals.

Stay tuned, because we still have a lot to offer. A future down jacket based on the same innovative concept is in preparation and will be available next year.

Join us in our quest to build tomorrow’s fashion for Impact.



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Reduce the pollution generated by the textile industry and fight against waste.

Participate in the energy generated by the “made in France” brand.
We’re extremely curious about advances in recycling, upcycling and de-polluting the world, and plan to expand into these areas in the future.

pictogrammes écologie

Energy and hope

2 BE ONE was born of a childhood dream: to meet people on their path who are no longer afraid to live. Let’s preserve the little one that’s still inside us, thirsting for discovery, and let’s try to improve the future of the humans who arrive on earth.
We take a close look at every project to improve the living conditions of children in France and around the world.
We also take an interest in forest preservation.

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“I have a deep admiration for people who demand more of themselves than they do of others. For in this quest for personal perfection, they remind us that the greatest competition in life is the one we wage against ourselves.” – Jean d’Ormesson

“If you have worries, you’ll die. If you don’t have worries, you’re going to die too. So you might as well live life to the full, take risks, make your dreams come true and enjoy every moment, because death waits for no one.” – Mike Horn

pictogramme portrait homme
pictogramme portrait homme

“You don’t learn anything from winning. It’s in failure that we really progress.” – Xavier Niel

“Action is essential. We have a responsibility to protect our planet, to preserve its beauty and diversity for future generations. Now is the time to act individually and collectively, to build a sustainable future for all.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

pictogramme portrait homme