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    Do you wear hoodies?

    When do you or would you wear a hoodie? *

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    From 1 to 10, how important is the hood of a hoodie to you? *

    How easy is it to find the right hood shape?

    If not, why not?

    Do you find it interesting to be able to change the hood of your hoodie? *

    Do you match your belongings to each other? (trainers/boots/shoes, bag, hat, cap, pants) *.

    Among the following choices for the hoods of your 2 be One hoodies, what would be your favorite color? *

    If you could check off several colors, which ones would they be?

    Among the following choices for the base and sleeves of your 2 be One hoodies, which would be your favourite shade? *

    Do you wear color? *

    What color hoodies do you mainly wear? *

    If your answer is: "other(s)" or you would like to tick more than one choice, can you specify the color(s) of your hoodies?

    Do you buy several hoodies a year? *

    What's your main reason for buying one or more? *

    Which of these social networks do you favor? *

    If you mainly use another social network, what is it?

    Are you influenced by celebrities or influencers in your streetwear purchases?

    If so, which ones?

    If you like streetwear brands, which ones are they and why?

    Do you prefer to buy limited edition streetwear or regularly available products?

    If you've ever bought a limited edition streetwear product, how much did you pay for it? *

    If you're told you'll have to wait for a limited series, how many months do you think you'll be able to wait?

    How much do you spend per year on one or more streetwear items, including shoes and sneakers?*.

    When you buy a hoodie, do you usually choose a fit or oversized look?

    Are you sensitive to how your garment is made and under what conditions?

    Would you be willing to pay more for a hoodie made in France?

    Would you be willing to pay more for an eco-designed hoodie that meets strict standards to limit its environmental and human impact?

    If you have any comments on our questionnaire or our product, please don't hesitate to contact us?

    In which country or countries do you live?

    What's your business? *

    How old are you? *

    What kind of people do you consider yourself? *

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